joi, 13 februarie 2014

Tokio Hotel ~ FaceBook

Tokio Hotel ~ FaceBook

Tokio Hotel ~ FaceBook

Hi old friends! Scuze ca nu am mai postat nimic de ceva vreme, insa in ultima luna sesiunea ne-a dat batai de cap :))). Asa cum puteti vedea mai jos este oficial faptul ca baietii vor scoate albumul pe piata anul acesta. O sa va las aici si cateva imagini cu Bill si Tom de zilele trecute in LA. See you soon!

joi, 23 ianuarie 2014

Good news Aliens : New album is coming this year!

Tokio Hotel: New album is coming this year
After a four year break, "Tokio Hotel" will release a new album. The former teen band wants not only to surprise with a new album, there will be also live performances in 2014.

The last album from" Tokio Hotel" was released in 2009. The twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz (both 24) sat as jurors in the 10th season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" last year. But it seems to be very quite around their band. This should change in 2014: "Tokio Hotel" have planned a new album.

In an interview with "Bunte" revealed the producer Peter Hoffman (60) the plans of vocalist Bill Kaulitz and his band members: "The band is fine. The album will be released this year, and then there will be live concerts again." The new "Tokio Hotel"-album is even recorded . "They are currently working on the post processing and choosing the right songs", said the producer.

However, a new album is not only the recording of promising songs, even the release date should be well chosen. They are "'completely in agreement' about the songs" with the record company Universal. Now they just have to consider, at which time the new "Tokio Hotel"-album should be published.

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